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education511Enrich your classroom curriculum with a unique learning experience! Lessons use the outdoors as a classroom and include a focused walk during which nature concepts are discussed and illustrated through hands-on activities. Each program satisfies a variety of New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.
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Nature Programs for Schools

ABC Discovery
Pre-K to Grade 1
1hour The perfect introductory nature experience! During a guided walk, children will find out how safe and have fun in the outdoors while being exposed to the wonders of nature!

Discover Nature
Grades K-1
1-1.5 hours Children explore the textures, sights, sounds and smells of the pond, forest, and meadow through this sensory-oriented lesson.

What’s the Weather?
Grades K-8
1.5 hours This program will introduce concepts of weather and ways to interpret signs of weather such as clouds, wind, and rain. Students will also discover how weather affects plants, animals and land.

The Fascinating Forest
Grades 1-4
1.5-2 hours Discover the forest habitat and its organisms, from the forest floor to the tree canopy, with an emphasis on the forest’s main component: trees.

Who Lives Here?
Grades 2-5
1.5-2 hours Find out what all plants, animals and people need to survive and explore the differences between the forest, meadow and pond habitats. Older students will complete a mini-study of each habitat.

Life Cycles
Grades 2-5
1.5-2 hours What are the stages of an amphibian’s life? What does an oak tree grow from? Search for answers along the trail during this informative lesson about living things in nature.

Remarkable Rocks
Grades 3-6
1.5- 2 hours Students will become junior geologists to determine the three families of rocks by their characteristics, how rocks change over time, and how people use rocks in our everyday lives in this fun and engaging introductory geology program.

Staying Alive
Grades 3-6
1.5-2 hours How do plants and animals survive predators on the prowl or severe weather? Learn about physical and behavioral adaptations that help plants and wildlife succeed in nature.

Reasons for the Seasons
Grades 3-6
1.5-2 hours Which animals migrate and which ones hibernate? Observe the plants and animals of Flat Rock Brook as they get ready for the changing seasons. FALL ONLY.

Wilderness Survival
Grades 3-12
1.5-2 hours This program is a fun and interesting way to introduce different wilderness survival techniques, while providing the opportunity for students to improve upon interpersonal skills,

Group Challenge
Grades 3-12
1.5-2 hours The activities used in this program give the students an idea of the skills needed to be a good group member and the opportunity to practice those skills in problem solving situations. A great way to make your group a cohesive one!

Win, Lose or Draw
Grades 4-6
1.5-2 hours Plants and animals are in constant competition with each other. Explore Flat Rock to look for evidence of food webs, commensalism, parasitism and mutualism.

The Keys to Trees
Grades 4-8
1.5-2 Hours Hone classification and observation skills by using a simple key, designed specifically for our park, to identify common tree species. Examine the bark, leaves and seeds that make each tree unique.

Pond Ecology
Grades 5-8
1.5-2 hours Student scientists will be given the mission of assessing the health of our pond. Groups will conduct chemical tests and specimen collections to gather data on the biotic and abiotic components of the habitat before coming to their conclusions.

Grades 5-8
1.5-2 hours Students will discover the hidden world of plants. Learn about the different parts and groups of plants, the role they play in different ecosystems, and which ones are native to New Jersey.

Wild Wetlands
Grades 5-8
1.5-2 Hours Wetlands are more than just a soggy part of nature. Explore this valuable habitat at Flat Rock, discover the flora and fauna that thrive here and examine its ecological importance.



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