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Emergency NOTICE

Flat Rock Brook Nature Center's entire facility including our trails are closed for the foreseeable future in response to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.  We hope to re-open our trails and other areas as soon as possible when conditions allow.  Stay safe. 



Injured or orphaned wildlife

education641If you come across wildlife that you suspect is sick, injured or orphaned, please contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator (see below). Flat Rock Brook is not licensed by the state to take or rehabilitate sick, injured or orphaned wildlife. In addition, it is a violation of Englewood City Ordinance #1953 to release animals, wild or domestic, on Flat Rock property.

• Only a licensed wildlife rehabilitator should handle or treat a wild animal. Do not attempt to handle any wildlife.
• Wild animals are not pets. It is best to leave wildlife in the wild and respect it in its natural habitat. Be aware that animals can carry diseases that are harmful to humans.
• Orphaned animals are best cared for by their parents. Although an animal may appear to be orphaned, more often than not its parents are nearby. Always leave them where they are, do not attempt to move or feed them.

Regional Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitation Facilities

The Raptor Trust
1390 White Bridge Road
Millington, NJ 07946

Birds of Prey and Wild Birds
Dolores Garbowski
Wildlife Freedom Inc.
781 Ringwood Ave.
Wanaque, NJ 07465

Tracy Leaver
Woodlands Wildlife Refuge
Clinton, NJ 08807
Reptiles and Amphibians, Mammals

For a complete list of Licensed Rehab Facilities, click here

Unwanted Pets
For a list of organizations that can assist you with your unwanted pet, click here

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